Adventures with Benji: Part 3

Posted on March 31, 2012


And you thought I was done blogging about Benji. But the date wasn’t over yet. The things I put up with in the name of journalism…


A few more bits of conversational genius:

Raz: So do you have any siblings?

Benji: Yeah, but my sister is actually really mad at me right now.

Raz: Why?

Benji: Well, her mother in law has cancer, and I’m running the triathalon in her honor, trying to raise money for cancer treatment

Raz: I don’t understand. That sounds really nice.

Benji: Yeah, I know! But she keeps saying that I shouldn’t have emailed everyone we know saying what I was doing, because she wasn’t telling people that she had cancer yet. Like she had just found out the day before.

Raz: Oh my God, you told everyone she had cancer before she was ready to tell? That’s pretty awful.

Benji: What? No I was doing a nice thing! Why should she have to tell them? You women are all the same.


Then we played this fun game:

Benji: I went to unlimited sushi the other night. Guess how many rolls I had?

Raz: I don’t know, how many?

Benji: Guess!

Raz: Just tell me

Benji: No, guess

Raz: 5?

Benji: No seven!

Raz: Wow


Benji: Guess what my favorite bar is?

Raz: What is it?

Benji: Guess!

Raz: Just tell me.

Benji: No, guess.

Raz: Seriously?

Benji: Ok, then I won’t tell you

Raz: OK


And then I had some fun:

Benji: Are all your girl friends going to be so excited tomorrow asking you how your date was?

Raz: Probably not, but they’ll read about it on my dating blog

Benji: You have a dating blog?

Raz: Of course

Benji: Really?

Raz: Yes

Benji: Seriously?

Raz: Yes

Benji: No you don’t

Raz: Ok, I don’t


—Raz, 25, NYC

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