About Raz

I’m a twenty-something girl, living in New York City. I would say I’m pretty normal. I’ve got a good job (that doesn’t pay very much), good friends (none of whom I want to date), and a tiny apartment in Murray Hill (which I love). Did I mention I’m single? But it’s ok, because I’m realizing that dating in this crazy city can be kind of fun… if you have a good sense of humor.

Basically, these are my real-life dating stories. And yours. If you’ve had a date that made you wonder if you were secretly being filmed for an MTV reality show, I want to hear about it. Email me your tales of embarrassment, idiocy and intrigue at baddatesgoodpeople@gmail.com (along with your first name, age and location), and you may see your story on this blog!

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*All entries may be edited for length and content.

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