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Fight or Flight

August 29, 2012


This story is from Lilian, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Boston, as told to Raz:    I met Ted for our date at a coffee bar. The conversation started out fine (just the basic get-to-know-you questions) until we came to the topic of his college experience—and his college girlfriend. As soon as he mentioned her, I […]

Missed Connection

April 30, 2012


This story is from Stephanie, a 24-year-old office manager in NYC, as told to Raz: It was my average terrible commute to work. The 4/5 train was so crowded that I was shoved up against the door. But I decided to make the best of it, cranking up the volume on my iPod and silently […]

Adventures with Benji: Part 3

March 31, 2012


And you thought I was done blogging about Benji. But the date wasn’t over yet. The things I put up with in the name of journalism…   A few more bits of conversational genius: Raz: So do you have any siblings? Benji: Yeah, but my sister is actually really mad at me right now. Raz: […]

I Promise This is the Last Time I’ll Make Fun of Kevin

March 10, 2012


Ridiculous way that Kevin (a.k.a Sushi Boy) tried to fill an awkward silence #5,823,674: “You know, sake is just hot vodka.” Between his business savvy, his culinary expertise and this fun fact, Kevin’s infinite wisdom is truly astounding. —Raz, 25, NYC

We Need to Talk About Kevin

February 17, 2012


I mentioned my first ever online date in a previous post, ”Risky Business,” but there was so much more that happened on that never ending date. My friends will forever refer to him as Sushi Boy because of this little doozy: So, Kevin was a nice Jewish “business man” from upstate. We’d emailed a little […]

Risky Business

February 9, 2012


This is a real conversation that I had with Kevin, a nice Jewish boy who I had met online. My first online date. It did not go well… Raz: What was your major? Kev: Jewish Studies Raz: Wow, how did you go from Jewish Studies to owning your own business? Kev: Oh, well when I […]