Cop Out

Posted on November 19, 2012


Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

This story if from Dahlia, a 28-year-old actress in NYC, as told to Raz:

I met Tom on OkCupid. We chatted on the phone, and he seemed really great. He had an interesting background—had been in the navy—and was about to graduate from the police academy. We made plans to go out, and he drove from Staten Island, where he lived, to pick me up.

We went to a wine and cheese place in the city, and it was actually a really good date. But then we left the restaurant, and discovered that his car was gone.

It turns out, the future cop had parked in a No Parking Zone, and his car had been impounded. Tom’s mood completely shifted. Another couple coming out of the restaurant at the same time witnessed Tom’s freak out and offered to drive us to the impound. I guess I was going with him…

Once there, we waited for two hours. So much for this being a great date. Tom was beyond embarrassed—not too mention being worried about whether a parking ticket would keep him from graduating from the police academy. It was not a comfortable wait.

When we finally got the car back, he was pretty frazzled, and sped me home instantly, driving way too fast for an officer of the law. I’m shocked we didn’t get pulled over.

But, I chalked his impulsive driving up to being pissed about being towed, and agreed to go out with him again when he reached out a month later. I think it might have taken him that long to calm down.

This time, he was more careful about where he parked, and after dinner, he came up to my apartment. We started making out. But I couldn’t focus; his gun was pressing right into my hip. Call me crazy, but that made me really uncomfortable. Not only did he have a gun, but he had a history of being angry and a little too impulsive.

I asked him to take it off, which he did. But it was still there, on my desk. I couldn’t help but panic that I was alone in my apartment with a man I barely knew who had a gun.

Dating a cop seemed really sexy until he was in my apartment with a weapon. Turns out, that gun was a deal breaker.



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