Nicks at Night

Posted on June 1, 2012


This story is from Rebecca, a 25-year-old journalist in NYC, as told to Raz:

After my last breakup, I went through kind of a strange phase. Basically, I became something of a make out whore. I wasn’t emotionally ready to go on real dates, have sex or form any remotely substantial relationship with someone new, so I resorted to making out—a lot.

One of these make outs was with Nick, a friend of a friend. Despite the fact that I was not at all attracted to him (both his dullsville personality and his elf-like looks were the opposite of appealing), he was there one night when a group of us went dancing at a club, and he leaned in. Done and done.

Unfortunately, Nick wasn’t on the same not-looking-for-anything-substantial page as me. The texts and phone calls started the next day. “What are you doing? When can I see you again? Wanna go out?” I tried polite, vague responses at first, but then resorted to straight up ignoring him. I just didn’t have the balls to explain myself. I figured “Yes, I made out with you, but I am also pretty much repulsed by you” wouldn’t go over very well.

A couple weeks later, the texts had died down a little, but my urge to make out with all male beings had not. I was at The 13th Step, involved in a rigorous game of flip cup with a couple friends and a bunch of randoms, when I met my new super hot teammate, whose name also happened to be Nick. (We’ll call him Nick 2.) Nick 2 and I really hit it off, and surprisingly, it was him that made the first move and kissed me. I was pleasantly surprised, and as we continued to play, he kept leaning in for kisses—and longer make out sessions between rounds. I know, I hate couples like that. But it felt nice, like we were already in some kind of relationship. For the first time since my breakup I was drunkenly thinking that he could be a keeper. We headed outside when the bar closed and the making out continued. Then I heard my name.

“Rebecca?” said a man to my left. It was Nick 1. What are the odds?

“Oh my God, hi!” I said. The two Nicks glared at each other. I guess I should introduce them? “Nick, Nick. Nick, Nick.” I smiled. They shook hands.

Then Nick 1 turned to me. “I guess this is why you haven’t been returning my calls,” he said.

“What?” asked Nick 2. I ignored him.

“Yeah,” I said to Nick 1, slipping my arm around Nick 2’s waist. “Sorry, I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You could have just told me.” Uh oh, Nick 1 was pissed. Was this gonna blow up in my face? It didn’t. “Nice to meet you man,” Nick 1 said to Nick 2, and he walked away.

I couldn’t believe I’d actually pulled it off; I got rid of Nick 1 and snagged myself a sexy Nick 2 all in one fell swoop. Most successful make out ever?

Nick 2 and I actually dated for a couple months, but his intensity was a little too much for me so I broke things off. I guess making out in a bar when you first meet probably sends the wrong message. You live and you learn.

Rebecca is a frequent contributor!
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