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Law and Disorder

October 24, 2012


One Saturday night, my friend Fiona invited me to a party hosted by her friend Sara. Though I didn’t know anyone there, and had only met Sara a couple times, I assumed there would be plenty of eligible bachelors. (Sara had recently started law school. Cha ching!) Fiona and I showed up to the bar […]

Take Me Out With The Crowd

October 8, 2012


This story is from Amy, a 27-year-old marketing associate in Washington, DC, as told to Raz: Zack and I met at a baseball game. He was cute and funny, but was about four years younger than me, which I normally would never go for. After the game, when he invited me over for dinner, I […]

Just Don’t Do It

October 5, 2012


This story is from Kate, a 25-year-old (happy birthday, Kate!) merchandising assistant in NYC, as told to Raz:   It was a Saturday night, and I went out for an old friend’s birthday party. It was a little awkward because her roommate Lara and I were kind of on the outs. Regardless, I showed up to […]

Sexual Dysfunction

July 20, 2012


This story if from Roxie, a 22-year-old grad student in Boston, as told to Raz: I have a confession to make: I didn’t stop seeing Johnny after this happened.  Yeah, yeah, he was a player with really, really gross things under his bed, but I mentioned the really awesome sex right? Anyway, a couple weeks […]

What Lies Beneath

July 13, 2012


This story is from Roxie, a 22-year-old grad student in Boston, as told to Raz: I’d heard about Johnny before I met him. Let’s just say his reputation was somewhat slutty. No, it was very slutty. But when we met at a party, we really clicked. He was so cute, we had so much in […]

The Break Up

June 15, 2012


Here’s a little tale that I’m still bitter about even though it went down a couple years back: My friend Laura invited me to come along to a party at her friend Jordan’s house. The second Jordan opened the door, I was attracted. Then he introduced me to his girlfriend, Sammi. Bummer. Sammi and Laura […]

The Case of the Kissing Girl

June 8, 2012


This tale is one of voyeurism. I, Raz, witnessed a stranger’s awkward experience with a man and decided to share. This was also an awkward experience for me. Here’s why: For being the biggest city in the US, NYC is mighty small. OK, I’ve already written about spotting Dave multiple times on the street here. […]

Never Let Your Ex-Boyfriend Set You Up

May 24, 2012


This story is from Ellie, a 23-year-old graduate student living in Los Angeles, as told to Raz: I have a really good relationship with my ex—we parted as friends—so when he introduced me to his new roommate, Tony, and suggested we’d hit it off, I trusted that he was a good guy. Tony and I […]

Three’s A Crowd

April 14, 2012


This story is from Jen, a 24-year-old journalist living in NYC, as told to Raz: Pat and I had been dating for a little over a month. He was funny and smart (an engineer), and when he invited me to a housewarming party at his new apartment, I was excited. This was my first chance […]