Wipe the Smile Off My Face

Posted on August 27, 2013


Hearts Aflame with Passion (Duh)

Hearts inflamed with passion (Duh)

Here’s a doozy so big and so intense that it deserves its own post. I received this brief little message on OkCupid at the beginning of last month:

“Gosh, your smile <3”

Then, 18 days later, after no response from me:

“Gosh, am so in love with your smile ❤ Could imagine waking up every morning and caressing those lips and cheeks ever so gently with the most compassionate love and respect for what I’d hope would be a deep connection between the two of us. It would be so cool to be best friends for life, one day at a time. We could create our own traditions, have pets, maybe even raise a child together someday. Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel together? Our skin kissed by the sun, together on a beach, any beach in the world, because it wouldn’t matter as long as we’re together in a sandy embrace. We haven’t met, but I could imagine loving you. I could imagine a beautiful world, where we weren’t lonely and we had a bond, a bond fortified by trust, compassion, respect, commitment.. Oh I dream of that day for both our sakes because our hearts are inflamed with passions that loneliness tries to extinguish. Hmm.. What a beautiful day this could be. Maybe the beginning, the beginning of something so special it transcends two souls and melds them into one cause. And that is love.”

Raise your hand if you got the same message! I can’t be the only girl with a smile that inspires lifelong planning…

—Raz, 26, NYC

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