Men, I Want Your Stories

Posted on January 4, 2013




My male readers keep telling me, “Men aren’t always the ones embarrassing themselves on first dates or acting like complete jackasses or being beyond socially awkward. Women do it, too!” Well men, here’s your chance to prove it.

That’s right, I’m now officially giving you the chance to add your stories to the “When Bad Dates Happen to Good People” archive. I guess I have to admit that sometimes—just sometimes—men are good people, too.

Boys, if you’ve had a date or hook up that made you cringe, I want to hear about it. Email me your tales of embarrassment, idiocy and intrigue at (along with your first name, age, occupation and location—details can be changed upon request), and you may see your story on this blog! Don’t worry about your writing, just let me know what happened. I’m also open to sharing over the phone. Just give me your contact info.

Can’t wait to hear about your escapades!

—Raz, 26, NYC

*By submitting a story, you agree to give the right to use and allow others to use the story in any way we choose. This may include, but is not limited to, reproduction online, print in book or magazine form, retransmission via email and distribution on any and all electronic and other formats, including those that become available in the future. You also agree that you have no implicit right to financial compensation from our use of the story. If you don’t like this, please do not send us a story. We can’t respond to every submission, and we can’t guarantee that your story will be used. All stories may be edited for length, style and content.

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