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Be Prepared

May 30, 2013


Jon, an online find, treated our first date like a game of 20 questions, complete with well-thought-out, conversation-starting brain teasers that he’d clearly memorized many dates ago. What he hadn’t practiced, however, was how to seamlessly slip them into conversation. As soon as there was the slightest lull, he’d hit me with, What were you […]

Red Velvet

October 26, 2012


There were lots of things that happened on my date with Jeremy that made me not like him. The first was that he showed up wearing a maroon velvet jacket, his too-long hair parted straight down the center and a smug half smile on his face. He was definitely not my type. Here are the […]

Brotherly Love

April 26, 2012


I’ve been thinking that my problem may be that I’m dating men who are too immature. After all, sitting on my lap, lying about your age and spitting out your food aren’t exactly signs that you’re all grown up. That’s why I decided to go out with Ryan,  5 years my senior, who was just […]