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It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

March 12, 2013


This story is from Jonah, a 26-year-old restauranteur in NYC, as told to Raz:  Kristy and I had been on a couple dates, and things were going well. For our third date, she said she wanted to cook me dinner. A romantic night at her place? That sounded great. Dinner was good, and for dessert, […]

Close Encounters

May 2, 2012


People with dogs go outside a lot. After all, when a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go, and that means their owner’s gotta go with them. I know this isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it became an important fact to keep in mind after dating this guy Dave. You remember him: the one who was […]

Must Love Dogs (Platonically)

April 9, 2012


Dave had mentioned his pitbull, Benny, when we met online. It just happened to be Benny’s birthday, so the fact that our email conversation was heavily dog-related didn’t seem strange. Plus, I like dogs. Dave even sent me a picture, and Benny was a cutie. When he offered that we hang out while taking the […]