Something Blue

Posted on October 2, 2013


"I'll just wait over here."

“I’ll just wait over here.”

This story is from Donald, a 26-year-old entrepreneur in NYC, as told to Raz:

Kate was my high school girlfriend. Now we both live in NYC, and in the 8 years since high school graduation, we’ve had a few run ins. A couple of those run ins have resulted in drunken make outs in bars. But nothing more.

It had been more than six months since my last Kate sighting when she emailed me out of the blue—to ask if I’d be her date to her sister’s wedding in New Jersey. A weekend full of open-bar drinks and carefree hooking up? I was onboard.

So we started planning our weekend getaway. “Should I get my own hotel room” I asked. “No,” she said, “You’ll stay with me.” Awesome.

Finally, wedding weekend arrived. And the six hour drive in standstill traffic should have been the first clue that this wasn’t going to go as planned.

By the time we got to her parents’ place (where we’d be staying the first night) Kate and I were so exhausted that we went straight to sleep. The next day, I woke up to the sounds of her extended family banging around the kitchen. Kate was already out there. Suddenly I realized that I was going to have to hang out with my ex-girlfriend’s entire extended family the entire time. I hadn’t really thought this one through.

Still, I put on my I’m-the-best-wedding-date-ever face and emerged. The family was in full wedding-planning mode, so after a few quick introductions and re-introductions (“Oh, she’s still dating this guy?”) the female population ran off to do errands, and I was left to chill with the men of the family. Again, not exactly what I had in mind.

What felt like a year later, Kate returned and we checked into a room at the hotel. Still there was no time for fooling around. We got dressed and headed straight to the wedding, which Kate was in, and I clearly was not.

But at the reception we’d be able to spend time together, right? Wrong. She was totally preoccupied with family stuff. Now don’t get me wrong—I get it. This was her sister’s wedding, and I was just arm candy. But then why the hell was I invited to this thing?

Again, I made the best of it, dancing like crazy with great uncles and cousins—and taking full advantage of that open bar.

By the time Kate and I got back to our hotel room, I felt like I hadn’t seen her all night. Figuring this moment must be the reason she brought me along, I leaned in for the kiss.

She pulled away.

“Don, we’ve tried this before and it didn’t work out, so let’s not,” she said.

“When did we try this before? In high school!?” I asked. “Why did you even invite me to this?” Yup, I was officially pissed.

“Because we’re friends,” she said

“We’re not friends! We haven’t really spoken in years!”

Now she was pissed.

I tried to apologize in the morning, but the damage was done. And the next day spent with both her and her family was awkward to say the least—not to mention the car ride home. And after all that, with only a hangover and a bad case of blue balls as souvenirs, I was still left wondering why my name ended up on that guest list in the first place.

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