My First Kiss Went A Little Like This…

Posted on November 5, 2012


This story is from Megan, a 28-year-old writer in NYC, as told to Raz:

I was kind of a late bloomer. As a freshman in college, I still hadn’t had my first kiss. And I was getting antsy.

The crew team at my school had to be dry for Spring season, and as soon as that season ended, there was a huge party with lots of alcohol. I got all dolled up and headed over with my girls. I had a few drinks (also a first for me) and started dancing with John. He was 6’5”, blonde and beautiful. And after we’d been grinding on the dance floor for a while, he leaned down to kiss me. This is great! I thought. Wait, no it’s not! I’m having my first kiss while drunk at a college party? This is so not how I pictured this! Basically, I kind of freaked out and stopped the whole thing, telling John I had to get back to my dorm. He offered to walk me.

On the walk, I told him everything—that this was my first kiss and that I was just a tad nervous. Then he told me way too much: “You’re so amazing,” he said. “I know this may seem nuts, but I see us dating and getting married. This could be something amazing. And I love that this is all new to you.”

My freak-out level doubled. I said goodnight and left John outside. I woke up to an email, sent at 4am. It was John, telling me he was sorry if he came on too strong, but he was just excited. “Let’s go out on a date,” he wrote. “I want to do this ASAP.”

I agreed.

But the date was not good. Turns out, one drunk dance floor kiss does not a connection make. He was stiff and awkward and we had absolutely nothing in common. He came off cocky, bragging about how far back his legacy at my university went, and I had no idea what to say to him.

Always the gentleman, John walked me back to my dorm afterward—in silence. I needed to get rid of this guy. Outside the door to my room, he looked at me expectantly. Oh no, I thought. He wants to come in. That’s when I saw my neighbor walk towards us. “Melissa!” I yelled a little too loudly. “Come here. I want you to meet John.” John turned to Melissa to introduce himself, and while they were mid-handshake, I ducked into my room and closed the door. He got the hint and didn’t even knock.

First kiss? Check. First date? Check. Making a smooth exit? I’d work on it.

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